5 Important Elements When Designing A Logo

Logos are ingrained in our minds much more than we may think. Most people could be presented with the logos of top brands like Nike, Apple, FedEx and many others, and know immediately what they are. So to say that logos are important for building a successful brand is a bit of an understatement. A great logo sets the tone for your company. Yet more importantly, it helps you create that all important brand, what your company is all about; the culture, attitude, and everything else that makes a business unique.

As a graphic designer, you need to understand that. When a company comes to you looking for a logo for their business, they are actually asking you to help them create their brand. You want to create a strong logo that will help a company build their ideal brand that will last them for years. To help you do that, below are 5 elements you should remember when designing a logo.

1) Keep It Simple

One thing all great logos have in common is that they are simple. Think about Nike and you think about the swoosh. Think about Apple and you will, of course, think about the famous apple with a section cut out of it. You want it to be easily recognizable and easy to remember for someone that perhaps just sees the logo for a split second.

2) Memorable

This may seem a little harder to create but you want to create a logo that is easily remembered by people that see it. Think of McDonald’s and the golden arches or Starbucks and the Greek siren that is part of their logo. You want people to be able to recognize the logo easily and yet still stand out from other logos out there.

3) Timeless

Businesses want a logo that will last for years, perhaps even decades, so you don’t want to design a logo that is too trendy and will be out of style in a few years. Go with timeless design elements. A great example would be A&W Root Beer, as their logo hasn’t changed in more than 40 years.

4) Target Audience In Mind

When designing a great logo, it should also be created to reach the target audience of the company. If it’s a logo for an upscale clothing line, you would not want to create a logo like Toys r Us. It’s not representing what the brand is all about. One is trying to portray elegance and fashion, while the other is saying this is the best place in the world for kids.

5) Keep It Versatile

You want a logo to be all the things listed above while also being versatile in the way they can be used. This means that all the elements would still be recognizable even if the colors were inverted or changed a bit. A great example again of this is the Nike swoosh, it wouldn’t matter if the swoosh was white, red, or blue, as you would still recognize what brand it’s representing.


4 Business Card Trends That You Should Know

Business cards are still one of the best ways to showcase your name and/or company, but the days of just having a simple white business card with your information on it and that being enough are long gone. In this day and age, you want to stand out from the crowd, and one of the best ways to do that is through a unique business card: something that portrays what your brand is all about. And let me be clear – whether you are representing a person or company, you are always presenting your brand.

I get many people that come to me wanting business cards and I like to be able to create a unique design for them that will help elevate their brand to the next level. There are 4 business card design trends that you should be aware of that will help you design unique and effective business card designs that will have your clients jumping for joy and giving you referrals all over town.

1) Think Vertical

Traditional business cards are horizontal and are roughly 2”x3.” Just because that’s what has always been done doesn’t mean that’s how it always has to be. A great way to stand out is to simply make the business card vertical. This conveys a unique perspective and stands out from other business cards out there just by the way the text is on the card.

2) Be Double-Sided

Instead of just designing business cards with one side of print on them, utilize both sides of the business card. A great way to do that is to use one side to showcase the information needed, things like name, number, etc, and the backside to display the brand in a vivid and imaginative way.

3) Use Unique Sizes

Traditional business cards are 2”x3,” which means that buisness cards can get lost in the shuffle when someone has many on their desk or in a pile. One way to stand out is to simply design business cards that are larger than the traditional sizes. By doing this, the card that is thrown into a pile will always stand out because it’ll stick out and will draw the eye of the person who has it.

4) Unique Materials

If the ultimate goal of the business and or business card is to stand out from the crowd in a crowded industry, then a great way to do that is to create business cards that are printed onto unique materials other than just paper cardstock. You can get very inventive with this as I’ve seen business cards that are metal, clear plastic, very thick cardstock and even made to resemble a credit card. This does make the cost of the business cards go up, but if you’re working with a company that is really trying to stand out and present themselves as a top line company, then this is a great way to stand out and create a great first impression. This method works great with the 3rd trend in this article, which is to also use unique sizes of business cards with different printing materials.

Start a Website to Promote Your Chainsaw Service Business

Start a Website to Promote Your Chainsaw Service BusinessHow long have you been running your chainsaw service business? If it is has been some time and you still don’t have enough clients to let it take off, then you need to do something more. Your current marketing techniques might not work in your favor. You need to find a way to increase the number of people getting this type of service. One of the best possible ways is by creating a website. This is where people can set up an appointment to get this service. They just have to pay after setting the appointment and your team will respond on the given time.

It is easy

The good thing about having your own website is that you can explain everything about your company. You can create articles that provide information about the services offered in your business. You don’t even have to do it if you have no idea on web design. You can just ask someone to do it on your behalf.

Spread the information

Once the website has been set up, the next step is to spread the information to other people. It is important that they see the actual content of the website. You can share the links through other websites or even through social media. You just have to be careful in spreading links. If it looks like a spam, your website will be penalized. You can write articles where you naturally inject the link to your website.

Don’t disappoint your clients

It might take time to promote your website. However, if you have successfully plugged the link and more people see your business, they will set an appointment in no time. The next thing that you need to do is to respond to their needs. You need to make sure that you don’t disappoint them when they ask you to provide them with the kind of service they wanted. You have to be there on time. You should also cut the trees or objects they wanted without any injury or other problems. When they feel like you have provided a great service, they will even recommend you to other people.

Invest on chainsaws

Now that your company is growing bigger, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment to meet the demands. It is important that you have the best chainsaws that your team can use any time they are needed. You can also check the best chainsaws website to find the list of chainsaws that are perfect for constant use. You may also read 2016 chainsaw reviews so you can get idea from other people who have tried using the chainsaws before.

You can gradually see the changes in your business now that you have done everything you possibly could to expand the target audience. It will just pay off. However, it does not mean you have to stop working once you have seen the positive changes. This is something you need to constantly work on since your competitors are also doing the same thing.

Tips in Creating a Website for Your Organic Juice Business

Tips in Creating a Website for Your Organic Juice BusinessIt is not easy running an organic juice business. You need to convince people to give your products a try. You need to have a shop where you can sell the juice. Though this is a good idea, the problem is that you only target local buyers. The truth is that you can increase your potential market by operating online. You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of other people out there who are interested in drinking organic juices. As long as they are willing to pay for the shipping fee and you can promise to deliver on time, then this does not have to be a problem.

To operate the business online, you can start by creating a website. If you have no idea how to do it, then you can hire someone to do it for you. There are a few things though that you need to know to ensure that you can convince these people to buy what you offer.

Be direct

The website must not keep redirecting people by clicking a link. As soon as they open it, they must have an idea about the company, where to find it and how they can order. They should also see the tab that lets them easily place their order. If possible, the items sold must have photos, descriptions and prices. If you have promotions or other discounts offered, then you must state them right away. An easy to understand website is really appealing.

Be organized

Navigating the website must be easy for your customers. They must easily find the link to place their order and pay. They should also find the information they needed without going through a lot of links. There should also be an FAQ page so that all their questions are answered before they order.

Don’t put everything

You might think that a beautiful website must be colorful, appealing and filled with graphics. Theoretically, this is correct. People are visual and so they wanted to see all these colorful photos. However, the truth is that they will just delay the loading of the website and it is a problem. You don’t want them to close the website because it is really slow. Therefore, you need to carefully select what goes inside and what should be removed. If the website is faster, then it is easier to use.

Focus on your product too

Aside from creating a great website, you need to focus on improving your products too. You must have the best juicers that will make healthy juices. You should also invest on the latest best juicer to buy. When people appreciate the products that you sell, then they will be more enticed to try.

You will be surprised that there are a lot of people willing to pay just to get a healthy drink. This can turn into a very huge business in no time. For now, you need to look into the website so you can start online marketing.

Stunning Graphics are Essential for Your Double Stroller Business Online

Stunning Graphics are Essential for Your Double Stroller Business OnlineIn running an online business, it is important to have an actual website where you can put information about the products that you sell. This is where people can place their order and pay immediately. If you have skills in web design, then you can do it right away. You can start your business when the website goes live.

The only thing that you have to remember is that there are a lot of other websites out there that are also focused on selling baby related products such as double strollers. The strollers are useful and are getting more popular. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can compete with these companies.

Make the website beautiful

The key to attract people to buy from your website is to make it look good. People in general are visual. When they like what they see, they will buy it. By presenting the website in an elegant manner, then it is easier for people to try out what you offer. You need to arrange everything well. You must also use the best possible graphics. If you can inject some animations, then it would be better. They need to feel at home when they start browsing the page.

Focus on functionality too

Aside from making the website look great, it is also important that it functions well. You must place graphics, but don’t bombard the page with graphics that it would take time before it loads. Take note that internet users don’t like it when the page does not run fast. When you would have to make them wait for several minutes just because there are too many graphics that won’t load, then they will just close the website and look for other options.

Websites should be easy to navigate

Another thing that you have to consider is the experience of people using the website. They must find it really easy to move around. If they can’t, then they will look for another website. The tabs must be clear. They need to land to the exact page that they wanted. They should not keep moving from one site to another.

Understand your customers

Take note that when you are selling double strollers, your clients are most likely new mothers. They don’t have much time in their hands. If they want to buy a new stroller for their baby, then they must have the strollers immediately. Your website must also present double stroller reviews 2016 just in case they have no idea yet what exact model to buy. When they know what the best double stroller top picks are, then they can place their order immediately.

There are a lot of components to make a successful website for your business. Beautiful graphics is just a part of it. You need to study your customers and find out what exactly it is that they need. By then, you can make the necessary adjustments and improve your website to suit their needs.

Start Designing Crossfit Shoes as a Graphic Designer

Start Designing Crossfit Shoes as a Graphic DesignerWhen you have skills in graphic design, you can put it into good use by starting a cross fit shoes collection. In fact, a lot of people are trying out cross fit these days. If you can provide them with different kinds of cross fit shoes for them to choose from, then they will surely buy what you offer. Take note that for most of them, these shoes are not just used while exercising. They also have to use the shoes wherever they need to go right after. Instead of changing their shoes, they can just keep using the same pair and they will still look fashionable.

Turn your designs into a reality

Everything starts with a design. As a graphic designer, you already have a creative eye. You are a genius in this field. You can choose to be a freelance graphic designer where you don’t have stable income or you can use your skills to start a new line that could eventually turn into a multi-million business.

The good thing about cross fit is that it is really the trend right now. A lot of people are interested in trying it out since it is intense. They are also obsessed with the results. They know that they can see drastic changes in their body in no time. The best part is that it does not seem to be a temporary trend. This is something that could stand the test of time. The cross fit moves might just keep on modifying, but the whole idea remains. Even if it does not, there will surely be a new trend that will rise. You can just modify your designs to suit the needs of the new trend.

Things to consider

When you design these cross fit shoes, you have to take a look at the aesthetic appeal first. However, this is not the only criteria that you need to consider. You also have to look at the quality of the shoes. If these shoes are about the made, then you need to find the best materials. The designs will be useless when the shoes are of low quality. You will also lose your potential clients when the quality is below expectations.

Make one for everyone

You should also brand your designs as inclusive. It means that you have to make shoes for all sizes. You need to create the best crossfit shoes for obese men. They need to feel that they are included in your target group. Besides, those who wanted to lose weight are more likely to buy these shoes from you. Thus, you need to design best shoes for crossfit for overweight men and convince them that you can offer them a stylish pair of shoes that they can use even after the cross fit exercise.

You need to think really hard of the best designs that easy to the eyes but are also appealing to many people. Take note that your shoes might also help them be convinced to give cross fit a shot.

How to Choose the Appropriate Font for Your Next Project

Selecting the right typefaces for a design project can be tedious if you do not know what you are looking for. It is like choosing an appropriate outfit for a certain occasion. You cannot wear your favorite T-shirt everywhere you go. The same goes for your suit and tie. The first impressions about you comes from what you wear and how you look in your outfit. You could look friendly and approachable in some clothing but look the opposite in another. No one attire is suitable for all occasions. It is the same with the typefaces; no font is suitable for every design job without considering various psychological and design aspects. An elegant serif might look nice on a governmental poster, but is definitely not the best choice on a birthday card. So as a benchmark, how much attention should you pay to choosing the right font? If you are as careful as your daughter when she is choosing a dress for her Barbie doll, then you are paying the right amount of attention to the task! To make your life easier, I have prepared the following points about finding the right typefaces.

1. Familiarize yourself with font categories

There are just a handful of typeface categories. Knowing the general look and feel of each category is a must. At the bare minimum, you should know what the differences between serif, sans-serif, script, and display (decorative) fonts are. If you do not, I suggest you check

There are just a handful of typeface categories. Knowing the general look and feel of each category is a must. At the bare minimum, you should know what the differences between serif, sans-serif, script, and display (decorative) fonts are. If you do not, I suggest you check this out.
Once you can distinguish between various typeface categories out there, you would be able to say which one goes better in a certain arrangement. That brings us to the second point.

2. Consider the purpose of the design

Think about the overall mood as well as the audience of the design. A celebratory flyer should look totally different if it is meant for elementary school kids or a bunch of working professionals!

Another thing to pay attention to is where on the design the font is going to be used. While you can be more creative in your choice of font for the title, the body of the text has to be effortlessly legible. Therefore, you should take the location into account as well.

3. Playing it safe; to do or to not do

Like most of other professions, as a designer you often find yourself in a situation where you can play it safe or you can accept the risk with the promise of higher rewards. You can use fonts which have proven to be versatile and reliable in different settings time and again. Fonts such as Futura and Helvetica are popular and famous for a reason. You can hardly fail by using them. That is why every designer has to have them in their font collection (if you cannot afford the original ones just yet, you can find similar free typefaces to Helvetica and Futura for download from the links). However, there is a downside to it. They will not separate you from the pack and that is because everyone else is using them too! My suggestion is to know where such popular fonts fit, and do not be afraid to use them when they are the most appropriate. But, do not use them just because you do not know what the best option is in a certain arrangement.

Overall, finding the right typeface for a job is not easy. If you develop the ability, it can take your work to the next level.

4 Most Popular Logo Design Types

If you don’t have a logo or even a website for your company, then you probably want to get this things done as quickly as possible. A logo is something that you should tackle first, because without a good logo then it makes brand development a nearly impossible duty.

Professional website designers and graphic designers take considerable effort to develop eye-catching and highly functional logos. A good graphic designer understands how to incorporate tried and true logo design attributes while also giving each client that specific look they are looking for.

Among the most essential characteristics of a good design is simplicity. A complex design is a complete catastrophe as it takes the interest of the client away from the products, and they might spend more time in figuring out exactly what all the logo design incorporates. That, of course, is not the goal of logo design.

For those that are new to logo design or are looking to bootstrap their brand and want to design their own logo, we are going to go over the 4 most popular logo design types.

Illustrative Logo Designs

A large number of business owners are of course looking for a logo which caters to the message that the business wishes to convey. For such customers, illustrative logo designs are a popular choice. An illustrative type of logo usually has text accompanied by a descriptive image that is a representation of the type of company it comes from.

A really great example of this being used is by a company called Hometown Benefits Group. They are an insurance agency that specializes in health insurance, life insurance, and the top dental insurance in Missouri. Their logo illustrates what they do while also conveying the message of trust that they want their customers to feel with them.

Traditional Business Logo Designs

More traditional business logo designs are normally made to represent companies like investment firms, credit unions, and/or banks. These logo designs are normally conventional and are used for companies that have been around for a long time, conveying a sense of trust because they have been around for awhile.

Web 2.0 Logo Designs

Web 2.0 logos are currently the most popular trend in logo design right now. These type of logos use things like bright colors and reflective design elements. This type of logo creation takes a lot of skill to be able to pull off because if you’re not careful these types of logos can become overloaded with too many elements and colors. If done correctly though they can be really appealing to portray a company that is hip and new.

Hi-Tech Logos

These logos are developed mainly through the use of contemporary technology. Abstract images, digital innovation, innovative use of light, and other such methods that are used to develop abstract imagery. These hi-tech logo designs add a sensation impact to a brand and/or site and work great for a company that is in the tech field.

Adobe Reveals Their New Graphic Designing App for iOS Users

Adobe Reveals Their New Graphic Designing App for iOS UsersBecause it’s the holiday season, and there is plenty of time for everyone out there to do something interesting other than work, I did myself a favor and joined the crazy mob of DIY people looking for something to improve things in their house. It’s a great way to blow of some steam from all the work I had from the past project. It’s also a great way to involve everyone in the house.

Whenever I renovate or redecorate I usually start with the most basic things. Repainting the walls or replacing some of the tools inside the house. This time, I would focus on replacing bits of things around the house. I noticed how our kitchen faucet no longer functions like how it used to before so I employed the help of my trusty DIY tools to look at the pipe works, but then I realized that it would be proper if I would just change the faucet instead. So, I did my homework by looking for some information regarding where to buy the best kitchen faucets. I was in the process of making a decision on which model to buy based on kitchen faucet reviews when I came across this newsletter containing an article about the new iOS graphic design app that Adobe is going to release.


Not everyone is happy

Truth be told, lots of fellow graphic designers out there are feeling quite ungrateful for this innovation all saying that they studied for quite a considerable amount of time for all the technicalities of graphic designing. And then here comes these kinds of apps, which literally give less opportunities for us graphic designers for projects with clients.

Other graphic designers also point out “why use a 4- or 7-inch phone when you can do it in front of your desktop screens instead?” It’s far easier to do that. Tools are easily accessed without the need to zoom in an out of the software’s interface. Designers do prefer to do it that way, but it would never really hurt to do minor edits using a mobile app, most especially if you’re on the go and you don’t really have an access to a desktop or a laptop.


It’s a great innovation

For me there is nothing really wrong with inventing these sorts of apps since thousands of people are social media users and there’s a constant need to edit pictures, create memes, and share one’s creative ideas to fellow users as well. Not everyone wants to contact somebody else to edit their pictures for them right?

It gives its users more options in editing. These tools are also very user friendly, so even novice or graphic designer wannabe could easily navigate through it. They can try editing pictures like a pro without really breaking a sweat at all.

If you want to learn the basics of graphic designing then you can surely go for this mobile app. But if you want a more technical way of learning graphic designing then you should take a designing course and use the top graphic designing software out there.

Web Design Tips For Paintball Websites

The point of establishing a paintball website is to draw in the lovers of the game and to give them something fresh, new and exciting about paintballing to talk about and to experience.

So how do you achieve these objectives? The key is in the design of the website. It is very easy to build a site with forums for paintballers to join, but it is quite another to keep them hooked and bookmark your site. This is how you do it:

Colour Scheme and Background

It may serve you well to have some collage of splotches of paint as your site’s background. Just enough though, so it’s not distracting. If the content is descriptive particularly, it helps to balance the words with the graphics.

Optimization for Mobile Phones

The probability that more than half of your site visitors are going to be accessing it through phones and other portable devices is really high. So tap into this and explain to the programmer that you need a responsive website, one that is also optimized for use on mobile phones rather than desktops alone. Once the site runs smoothly on smartphones, then it is a guarantee that it will work as well on larger devices.


This is the basic element of web design, the point of interaction between the guest and yourself. Your interface itself, minus the site content should be able to draw visitors in and entice them to explore. This means use simple navigation panels, simple language, and toned down colors.

Easy Navigation

This is at the core of your web design plan. In this sense, stay traditional. The easier it is to navigate your site, the more the traffic it is likely to have. What makes navigation simpler? Have navigation icons where people expect them to be.

Choose buttons over text for mobile phone links and text over buttons for desktop sites.


Have different pages for different activities. If you’re selling gear, have appropriate buttons and links. It would be frustrating when all pages and activities are jumbled up. However, it is wise to include links to all pages on the same site, again, keeping these at a minimum and positioned in a clever way.

Suitable Theme and Style

The overall layout of your website should be determined by your ultimate objective. If your goal is to sell paintballing gear for example, get right to it. The links on the home page should be titled as the exact product being sold, those on sale, with accurate descriptions, prices, and modes of payment.


Logos are one of the most important design aspects of a site. It only serves to excite the minds of visitors, especially if it is an intriguing one. Use the trick that search engines do, make the logo a clickable link, to lead users to your home page and to other pages of even more fascinating ideas and games perhaps.

Getting all aspects into one place is indeed a delicate balance. These are just a handful of tips to create an effective site, no matter what its objective. The ultimate tip is to keep it simple without being boring and put up only what is necessary.

Elements Of A Great Logo

When it comes to helping a business stand out from a crowded space, there are many different things that you can do as a graphic designer. A great website is something that can help, of course, but I would argue that a great logo can go a long ways to establish a brand in a new space. Why would major corporations spends millions of dollars when they decide they need a new logo? It’s because they realize how important a strong logo is to a brand. Maybe just as important, they understand how a not-so-great logo can hold a company back.

It’s easy to talk about logos and all that, but I think it’s much more helpful to look at what elements make up a great logo. So to help those of you out that are designing logos or are seeking to get a logo designed for you, I’ll help you out with some examples of elements that make up a great logo.

Apple Computers

Of course, there may be no other iconic logo right now than that of Apple Computers. It’s a simple yet ultra recognizable logo known the world over. So why does it work so well? First off, it’s unique, especially when the company was originally founded. The name itself was distinctive and the logo was just a bite out of an apple; simple yet very different from what was out there. The simplicity of the logo also sets the brand apart, as being minimalist is one of the major design strengths of Apple. They believe that simplicity is beauty and their logo sets the tone for that right off the bat.

Tip: It may not be feasible for your company or the person you are designing for to have a super unique name, but what you can do is try and create a logo that is simple and unique. Obviously this is easier said than done.

Essential Fitness Gear

This is a new fitness company that specializes in weight lifting wrist wraps that are unique with bright and vivid colors that just aren’t seen in that world too often. Their logo is simple yet bold enough that you will more than likely remember it. It fits on a label well and the lettering is large enough that it is even recognizable from a distance, which helps give it brand recognition that it can use to build over time. They are a new company, so time will tell where the brand goes. But I can tell you that the logo definitely helps set the whole tone of the company and give them some boldness in that segment of the market.

Tip: You will want a logo to be easily recognizable with distinct features. This helps over time for people to have brand recognition. This is something that many companies strive for but few ever really reach.


I bring Facebook up because it helps prove the point that a logo can be nothing more than just the name of the company if it is done right. The most recognizable thing about facebook is simply the f that is seen on apps and other widgets online. Getting the right font that helps set the tone for the entire organization goes a long way, but if you have a unique name to work with, this can be a great way to create a memorable logo.

Tip: Again, this comes down to simplicity. There are a few exceptions, like Coca-Cola, but even that one is pretty simple being written in cursive writing. Use your imagination when it comes to font, but shoot for memorable while helping the name of the brand become recognizable.

A Guide to Branding/Marketing For Local Small Businesses

You finally started your new business. Congratulations! It’s what you always wanted to do and now you’re doing it. The problem is customers are few and far between. You have to get the word out to the world that you can do what it is they need you to do better than anyone else. It can be done, but it is going to take developing a brand.

There is power in having a strong brand. A strong brand triggers an immediate response of recognition and trust, from just seeing/hearing the brand name. An example could be seeing a “milk mustache” and immediately thinking “got milk”? Ever see an AT&T commercial? They use three tones. The three tones used in every commercial are unique to AT&T. If you only heard those tones and nothing else, chances are very good you will think of AT&T.

Branding of a product or service takes some forethought. It takes defining exactly what you want to say about your business with just a picture and/or sound. You have to be crystal clear about what supports your business. Then get creative. Dare to be original and different in your approach. No one thinks of tigers when eating breakfast unless you are having Frosted Flakes. Tony the tiger has been hawking cereal for decades. It doesn’t even have to make sense, it just has to make people think of your business. Frontier airlines used “a whole different animal”. It doesn’t really make sense, yet it is a strong brand. I recently saw guy from a pest control company that removes bats from homes who called himself the Batman. Cheesy, but it did make me laugh and remember him.

Strong brands have slogans that are simple and succinct in order to get an immediate response not complex ideas that require more than a glance to recognize what is being conveyed. If the brand is too convoluted, people will just move on and your message will be lost. “Better ingredients, better pizza” is Papa John’s slogan, Four words put together that immediately trigger a response of brand recognition. That is a good example of how slogans help build strong brands.

Developing a strong brand requires time and repetition. You have to commit to building the brand, especially when starting out in business. If you have defined how you want to present your business in a clear and concise manner and have developed a logo and a slogan, the next step is to consistently put your brand out there. Every single medium used to market your business should have your logo and slogan. All of the above examples of branding do this. You will see consistency in their marketing whether it is on the internet, television or print. Most people are busy and aren’t really paying close attention to the barrage of marketing messages being hurled at them every day, It takes seeing and hearing the same message numerous times before it becomes familiar. Once the message is familiar, branding has occurred.

Starting your own business is the first step and you have done that. You are going to need the help of proper branding to set you apart from your competition. Proper branding of your product or service will help you to succeed in your business quicker and more efficiently than without.